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Jericho picked up by Devils Due Publishing

March 10, 2009

Surfing the net and was amazed and secretly please by the news on newsarama

Now I am excited about this and i hope that the loyal fans of Jericho will pick this up, it will pick up right from the end of series 2


Watching the Watchman

March 1, 2009

Well I’m probably gonna get lots of flack for this but I was so excited waiting for this to come out. Then reality set in and I watched it expecting the mother of all movies. I am so sorry that i went back on my word to wait for the DVD. I have to say thank you to my friend Dan for getting me tickets to go and watch it in London yesterday, it did add something I suppose to sit in a cinema drinking champagne but that was really the highlight of the film.

Well perhaps i should have tried harder to understand the graphic novel as i left the cinema feeling distinctly underwhelmed. Highlights Jackie Earle Hadley as Rorschach, fantastic portrayal. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Comedian was also inspired casting.

Downsides too many to mention, the most laughable sex scene since Sharon Stone graced our screens.  Ozymandias was dire and  Billy Crudrup as Doctor Manhattan should now get a job advertising jumbo sized Trojans if that wasn’t a prosthetic. If you’ve read the graphic novel he looks like a greek statue (and if you’ve seen the nude greek statues you know what I mean)

I have to be fair though I will watch it and buy it on DVD but really not impressed. It’s almost like it tries too hard then fails on most counts


Sad time for the Camerons

February 25, 2009

David Cameron leader of the Conservative party today had the most tragic news that any father hopes never to hear. His son Ivan passed away at the age of 6. No parent should or could forsee outliving their progeny and as someone who has lost a child during a girlfriends pregnancy I can only imagine what the Camerons are going through.

The Butchers thoughts are with the Camerons and their Children


My Latest Commision

February 17, 2009

The good thing about knowing so many talented people is the opportunity to get some really great commisions done. I had the pleasure of speaking to a talented artist Jimmy Bott and he created the following for me.

Jimmy is very approachable and if you can fire his creative cells up then he will produce work like the above for you


Tribute to Canadian Forces

February 16, 2009

watch the video it’s amazing then read below

Canada joined a U.S.-led coalition in the 2001 Attack on Afghanistan working side by side with the American 101st Airborne Division and U.S Special Operations. The war was a response to the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks in the United States which left 3000 killed including 28 Canadians, with the goal to defeat the Taliban government and rout Al-Qaeda. Canada sent Joint Task Force-2 the Canadian Forces elite secretive Special Operations Force and more than 1000 combat arms ground troops to the conflict. In this war, a Canadian sniper set the world record for longest distance kill 2,430 meters (2,657 yd, or 1.51 miles while saving US Ground forces being ambushed. Doing so immortalized the Canadian sniper team as the world’s best and the U.S Government awarded the team the US Armed Forces Bronze Star. On April 18, 2002, a friendly fire incident caused Canadian casualties when an American F-16 jet dropped a laser-guided 227-kilogram (500 lb) bomb on the Canadians who were conducting a night firing exercise at Tarnak Farms, near Kandahar, Afghanistan.. The PPCLI soldiers were conducting night-time training on a designated live-fire range, and the American U.S. Air National Guard pilots claim they mistook their gunfire for a Taliban insurgent attack after returning at night from a 10-hour patrol, at 23,000 feet (7,000 m). Four Canadians were killed and eight were wounded in the bombing. The radio logs show that the American pilot requested permission from flight control (AWACS) to fire his 20 mm cannons at what he believed to be an anti-aircraft or Multiple Launch Rocket System below. He received the response: “hold fire.” Four seconds later, the pilot said he was “rolling in, in self defense.” He dropped a laser-guided bomb thirty-five seconds later. The pilot then said “I hope I did the right thing.” Minutes later, the AWACS responded with “Friendlies, Kandahar.” In early 2003 Canadian JTF2 Special Operations Soldiers were photographed taking Afghan prisoners which was the first time most Canadians and many in Canadian Government had heard or seen of them. After the war, Canada formed an important part of the NATO-led stabilization force, ISAF. In November 2005, Canadian military participation shifted from ISAF in Kabul to Operation Archer, a part of Operation Enduring Freedom in and around Kandahar Southern Afghanistan which has seen some of the hardest battles to date. Canada rotates a force of 2500 to 3000 soldiers every 6 months and as of January, 31 2009, 108 Canadian soldiers, 1 Canadian diplomat and 3 Canadian Female Aid Workers, have been killed in Afghanistan. On May 17, 2006, Captain Nichola Goddard of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery became Canada’s first female combat arms casualty. Canada has suffered the third highest absolute number of loss of life of any nation among the foreign military participants. In 2006, the Canadian government committed a squadron of Leopard tanks and an additional 200 to 500 troops to Afghanistan. Canada was the first nation to deploy armour to Afghanistan. One of the most notable battles that the Canadian Forces have fought in Afghanistan thus far is the Canadian-led Operation Medusa in which the second battle of Panjwaii was fought involving The Royal Canadian Regiment and Royal Canadian Dragoons which saw the most severe fighting of the two battles of the Panjwaii, 12 Canadian soldiers died in combat in the campaign, five during the major combat operations, five in bombings and two in a mortar/rpg attack during the reconstruction phase of the operation. 14 British military personnel were also killed when their plane crashed. In addition an American Army adviser for the Afghan National Army was killed during the major combat operations; Canadian and other forces killed 512 Taliban fighters and captured 136. Canada was also the main allied combatant in the first battle of Panjwaii where Taliban forces decided to dig in and fight for control of this area in the mud wall complexes, this battle was with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry which saw a Canadian soldier killed in action. Canadian troops have taken on an extended role in combat operations in southern Afghanistan, meeting Taliban forces in open conflict. The Canadian mission to Afghanistan is scheduled to end in February 2011, but there is divisive debate in Canada as to whether the mission should and could be extended much longer.


News for Bristol International Comic expo 2009

January 22, 2009

Kevin O’Neill has confirmed that he will come to Bristol to sign the first volume of The League of Extraordinarty Gentlemen: Century.

with Expo thanks to TOP SHELF & KNOCKABOUT.

This is the first convention he has been to for years, this century in fact ( bad pun sorry! )



Bristol International Comic Expo 2009

January 15, 2009

Breaking News

Britain’s favourite Comic Event just got BIGGER!

Yes the Bristol International Comic Expo is being complimented by a 2nd venue for May.

FALLEN ANGEL MEDIA are pleased to announce they are hosting a special SMALL PRESS EXPO for the Saturday only at the Mercure hotel.

Mal Smith of Fallen Angel is hosting a sister event as part of the Expo weekend where the Spotlight is firmly on Small Press.

With the main Expo in this credit crunching year downsizing the chances for the small press were limited but a guardian ( Fallen ) Angel has swooped to ensure that the UK’s small press will once again be the heartbeat of the show!

Contact for full details.



January 11, 2009

Well thanks to Stu.Art I am now addicted to another series, and guess what number crunchers cancelled yet another great show. Yep, I’m talking about Jericho. A good series has good characters and good plots. A great series has great character centric plots. Why can’t more writers churn this stuff out and why is it that when they do some idiot in an office decides lets cancel it. If you haven’t seen it i totally recommend it.


Bristol International Comic Expo 2009

January 7, 2009

I spoke with mike and asked him for an update for all you BICE fans and here it is



We are hosting a special COMIC EXPO this year with all the usual features, Guests, Panels, International Publishers, Artists Alley, Indie Press, Manga Showcase and EXpo EXclusives!


THE COMIC EVENT this summer by buying tickets early. Ticket numbers will be limited this year so do not miss out and to make it a little easier on the pocket in these credit crunching days we have teamed up with 2 publishers.

Every Adult pre-purchase ticket holder will receive

FREE OF CHARGE the Comic Expo edition of

FULL CIRCLE Publications 20 page preview issue of Mike Ploog’s Thicker than Blood & Simon Bisley’s Full Circle 2 to celebrate the EXpo EXclusive launch of both books Absolute Editions at the show!

Plus pre ticket buyers will receive a FREE sample copy of the latest Comic book to sweep the nation from the critically acclaimed DFC!

Booking goes LIVE feb 6th details will be on the website.


Bristol International Comic Expo 2009

January 4, 2009

It’s countdown time again for my Favourite Con in the UK. For one year only due to work at the Hall the con has been moved to the hotel. Mike has released the line up so far as The Butcher is a Friend of the Con

For 2009 we have lined up some very special

EXpo EXclusives!


Comics legend ALAN DAVIS will be producing a

VERY LIMITED FULL COLOUR A3 Print of the iconic pair ONLY available at COMIC EXPO.



Award winning publishers

SELF MADE HERO are launching their take on this classic tale with the creative team of Ian Edginton & Ian Culbard.


Full Circle Publications unleash Full Cirkle and Thicker Than Blood Absolute edition Hardcovers Exclusively at the Bristol Comic Expo!

Full Cirkle Oversized Hardcover – For the first time Simon Bisley’s artwork will be in the large absolute edition format containing a mammoth 168 pages of art.

Thicker Than Blood Oversized Hardcover – For the first time the legendary Mike Ploog’s artwork will be in the large absolute edition format containing 80 pages of art painted by the illustrious Simon Bisley.

The Convention Book will have a specially commissioned

15 YEARS OF VERTIGO cover from

Eisner Award Winner MARK BUCKINGHAM!

The Guest list :  so far!















in association with REED COMICS


The DARWIN STORY – The Great Reading Adventure graphic novel



New Guest Reviewers and Writers Needed

December 25, 2008

If you feel you can write a coherent review or Just write, then The Butcher is asking you to pop along and submit yourself. It’ll be in the case of writers a spot called the corner and as long as it’s not totally obscence or deals with children or animals then it should get posted


Nightwing,Robin and Birds of Prey to end Febuary

November 4, 2008

I don’t know what to say, I saw that title on newsarama and my heart sank. All three are good titles and especially Tony Bedards Birds Of Prey, yes there is probably a re-boot coming up. But what gives?


Comic of the Week

November 3, 2008

There were so many comics running for Comic of the week, But Thor 12 took the title. JMS is one of my favourite writers and one of the few reasons that I am still with Marvel. Yes i know that cover is from the American Thor 12 but it is a nice cover. Now to the meat of it, why is this comic of the week. Well for one reason and one reason only. Thor was one of Captain America’s closest friends, Thor goes to Cap’s grave and using Mjolnir envokes Steve’s vow, that nothing not even death shall seperate us if the call is answered, and with a mighty roar of “Avengers Assemble” the shade of Cap is brought from the lands of the dead. Thor asks Cap does he want revenge and if so Thor will be the instrument of his revenge. Cap tells Thor no and explains what the fight was about, it was never about Steve Rogers or Captain America it was about what America meant and the errosion of that meaning. And that Steve/ Cap just wanted peace. So in one of the most touching moments in comics, Thor gives him his moments peace and short circuits all electrical devices capable of transmission, TV,Radio,Internet for exactly 60 seconds. It was a true dust moment I can tell ya


Mark Millar are you telling porkies?

October 19, 2008

A friend of the butchers has recently unearthed some disturbing news

Image Comics (upcoming January Previews)

art & cover PETER GROSS

From the writer of WAR HEROES, KICK ASS and the Universal hit, WANTED! It is the next MARK MILLAR graphic novel set to become a feature film! AMERICAN JESUS, VOL. 1: CHOSEN follows a twelve-year-old boy who suddenly discovers he’s the returned Jesus Christ. He can turn water into wine, make the crippled walk and perhaps even raise the dead. How will he deal with the destiny to lead the world in a conflict thousands of years in the making?

JANUARY 14 – 72 PAGES – FC – $9.99


And after Millar promised War Heroes was his last comic written as a script sale!

Here’s the interview where he said that War Heroes was his last comic to film until after Ultimate Avengers:

Mark Millar talks War Heroes

But this is my last NEW Hollywood thing until the Spring. I’ve pretty much finished all my current commitments and want to get deep into Ultimate Avengers before I start up anything else.”

Can you say “Lying Bastard”?

Now before I get a call from Mr Millars Lawyers i’d like to point out that January is in fact fall/winter so Mr Millar are you telling fibs


Hulk Re-watched

October 19, 2008

Well thats the fourth time I have now watched the Hulk, And it’s still as impressive as the first time. One small thing that it’s taken me four watches to acknowledge. Emile Blonsky aka the Abomination in the film is Russian Born and brought up in the UK. Serving with the Royal Marines he was seconded to the United States for their special mission. Ok so far, but the scene where he is in full dress uniform talking to General Ross, quite clearly shows him in a US army uniform. Now when your seconded to another countrys military you wear your own uniform. Error or Lazy editing you decide


Don Cheadle is James Rhodes

October 19, 2008

Iron Man 2 is undergoing some major Rhodes works. Ahem.

In casting news that has shocked and stunned the world, Terrence Howard will no longer be playing Tony Stark’s right-hand man, Jim Rhodes, in Marvel’s mega-sequel. He’s exited left, pursued by bear, with Don Cheadle coming in to replace him as the future War Machine.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Howard departed after a disagreement over finances. It’s a shame, as now he was a good Rhodey – he was upright, charismatic, with a hint of swagger – and now will never be able to deliver on his famous line from the first Iron Man – “next time, baby” – by squeezing into the armour.

But, as Steven Soderbergh once said, if you can put Don Cheadle in your movie, put Don Cheadle in your movie. Advice we’re glad to see that Iron Man 2’s director, Jon ‘Favreau’ Favs has taken, especially considering the rumour that Rhodey will have a larger part to play this time around.


Sherlock Holmes release date announced

October 19, 2008

A release date of November 20 2009 has been set for Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes by Warner Bros.



October 19, 2008

Well for me over the last two months there has only been one real head and shoulders comic that I’d like to review, Be warned total spoilers ahead

As this issue opens, we see a man named Shelton being taken by two shady looking characters in plaid suits  into a sleazy sex club in an unidentified red light district.  Shelton is uncomfortable, begging for help, but the identical twin thugs try to talk him into calming down.  One of them says that “the boss” isn’t all that frightening, and how he says nice things about Mr. Shelton all the time.  He turns to his brother for backup, but the other man states, “I’ll be honest…  When he talks I’m mainly trying to figure some way not to soil myself.  I’m doin’ the therapy work for it, but there it is.”  HA!  Shelton is led into a dark, bare room, with only a wooden crate on the floor.  A voice emanates from the box…  “Know who I am?”  Shelton nervously says that he does, and the voice asks why Shelton helped to steal from him.  Shelton babbles that he knows he shouldn’t steal from the boss (called “Junior”) and the hidden boss agrees, and then asks him a horrible question.  “You have wife, daughters.  They die, or you die.  They die or you die.”  Shelton screams to kill his family instead, and Junior drags him bodily into the crate, hissing “That is choice everyone makes.”  That… was creepy.

Somewhere else, an expensive car races through darkness, as Floyd Lawton and Thomas Blake go somewhere at ridiculous speed.  Blake xplains that something bad happened in Africa, and we see a flashback of the Catman in action.  “Lot of men died ugly, and were left to rot.  And worse.”  Lawton snorts, and almost laughs.  “I have it on good authority that guys die all the time.  You asking me to believe you care?”  Blake quietly answers, “No.  I’m saying I DON’T care.  I’m saying I’d do it again.”  As Catman contemplates retiring  they stop by a tiny convenience store, engrossed in conversation, and completely miss the gang of thugs trying to rob the place.  Blak explains that life feels like something’s missing in his life, and Deadshot picks out ice cream.  A skinhead pops up, puts a gun to Lawton’s head and screams for them to put their hands up.  “You ain’t the contemplative type, Blake,” replies Deadshot.  Heh.  We are treated to a brief shot of Junior’s lackeys coming in to clean up their boss’s mess, and he replies that he has the information they need.  “Know who is transporting her.  Six individuals, not serious threat.”  Uh oh…

Back at the grocery, Floyd and Thomas continue talking, and Deadshot suddenly realizes.  “It’s that girl!  That Huntress broad.”  The best part is watching the skinheads scream at them, as the two men calmly have their discussion about chicks and ennui with guns to their heads.  Lawton continues with his Huntress theory, explaining that “It’s the closest thing you can get to doin’ it with Batman.  Hold that thought.”  Deadshot whirls, grabs the gun, and breaks the thug’s nose with his elbow.  “You don’t respect ME, fine.  But you will $&@$ing well respect the GUN.”  Floyd shows the idiots how it’s done, explaining as HE robs the grocer, taking all the cash  and an armload of smokes  and Deadshot and Catman prepare to leave.  Catman feels obligated to step in and save the day, though, and rips the thugs nearly to pieces with his claws.  “Yep.  Guess the Justice Legaue oughtta be callin’ any day now, General Glory,” replies Deadshot from the door.

Back at their lair, the House of Secrets, Scandal continues trying to drink herself to death, only to find that Ragdoll has arranged for a birthday party for her.  A stripper pops out of a cake dressed as her dead lover, and Scandal’s drunken mind hallucinates as she recieves a pretty awkward lapdance.  She imagines Knockout talking to her, and wonders how.  “Because you’re stupid drunk, silly…  Or, perhaps it’s because I am a New God and death alone cannot extinguish what burns within me.  Or perhaps I am a woman in love.”  Scandal finally starts to sober up, pushing the stripper away.  “She’s gonna kill us all,” says Deadshot.  “Not me,” replies Catman.  “I brought the ice cream.”  Ha!  Scandal smiles at her idiot partners, shakes off her stupor, and tells them that she has a mission.  The Six  are to transport the Tarantula, but the mission is a bit funny.  Just as she points this out, Catman gets a call from the Huntress ( warning him to not take the gig.  She warns him that the Six are dead if they cross swords with Junior, and hangs up.  Speaking to the darkness, Huntress explains how much she hates doing what she just did.  “A bloodbath is coming, Huntress,” replies The Batman from the shadows.  “None of us are getting out of this with clean hands.  Least of all, Thomas Blake.”

Part Two

And Secret Six #2 delivers on every level.  Beyond the intrigue and Mad, Mad, Mad World-esque story arc, Gail tells an engaging story on every single page.  Whether it’s Bane, Ragdoll, and Deadshot talking about Scandal’s love life , or Batman and Catman discussing the ingredients of Mexican food while duking it out on the rooftops of Gotham City, Gail can write dialogue that has you both on the edge of your seat, and rolling on the floor.

Her Batman is one of the most human I’ve seen in a while.  Instead of nabbing Catman, and putting him away, he’d rather pay the Secret Six to not do the job they’ve been hired to do.  Coming out and saying he cares for everyone regardless if they are a homicidal maniac or friend is about as close as we are going to get to seeing a Batman who is in touch with himself.

It is interesting that Simone pairs Batman against Catman instead of Bane – or maybe it’s not, considering the other Cat in Batman’s life is currently on a hospital table with a big hole in her chest.  Regardless, Tom Blake’s bravado plays perfectly against Batman’s no nonsense “don’t make me kick your ass” attitude.  And their fight isn’t too bad either, ultimately ending in a tie, because Catman let Batman get a few hits in.And lets not forget that Catman was created way back in the 60’s as the perfect foil for Batman, so all in all the fight that most of us sixers have been waiting for was actually very well paced and entertaining

The rest of the Six don’t fare as well as Catman, as they end up in a spot of trouble trying to break the Tarantula out of Alcatraz. I’ve come to appreciate the current incarnation of Bane, and like his screwed up philosophy on life, even if it means giving the opponent exactly what they need (in their ornament-things).  Scandal is the tragic character in the group, and I have a feeling she’s going to get out of her funk before the story reaches its conclusion. Deadshot, well, he’s just this guy…

By far the creepiest character is Ragdoll.  This is one messed up mo’fo’, and in Gail’s hands he moves from homicidal looney to scary “put the lotion in the basket” territory.  While I can’t wait to see what comes out of his mouth next, I’m also cringing every time I see the specialized Ragdoll font because I know it is giving me another glimpse into the mind of madness. If you get the chance head over to newsarama and listen to the interview with Gail (and forgive the interviewer for saying how much he loves the series and not spotting that the girl in green isn’t enchantress but is in fact cheshire doh!!!!)
As I mentioned earlier, there is a very Mad, Mad, Mad World vibe to this arc, but it is probably a more accurate homage to Cannonball Run as the Six now have to get their prisoner from one coast to the other, anyway they can, while avoiding a whole army of villains hell bent on killing them, thanks to the war cry of some dude under a hood.  At the moment I have no idea who the mysterious Junior is, but I have a feeling when he is finally unmasked, we’ll all go “wha-huh?  I never expected that.

The art by Nicola Scott is, once again, out of the ballpark.


Re-Location for Comic Guru

October 19, 2008

Cardiff’s Comic Guru has relocated to Whitchurch. Yes you heard right, the ever astute Comic Guru has moved to that well known comic capital and hub of activity Whitchurch.

Now I am obviously not the shrewd business man that the Guru is but if i was struggling financially moving to Whitchurch is/was a bad idea.

Best of luck though

Best wishes for vendetta


Paul Newman Dies Friday, another Legend gone

September 28, 2008

Tributes have poured in from around the world for Hollywood legend Paul Newman, who has died of cancer at the age of 83.

Newman – whose brilliant blue eyes, good looks and talent made him one of Tinseltown’s top actors over six decades – died on Friday at his farmhouse near Westport, Connecticut, surrounded by his family and close friends.

He appeared in some 60 films – including Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Hustler, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and The Sting – earning him nine Oscar nominations for acting and the best actor honour for 1986’s The Color of Money.

The movie heart-throb donated all profits and royalties from his Newman’s Own range of food products to thousands of charities.

Newman said: “I wanted to acknowledge luck; the chance and benevolence of it in my life, and the brutality of it in the lives of others, who might not be allowed the good fortune of a lifetime to correct it.”

Robert Redford, who starred alongside Newman in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Sting, said: “There is a point where feelings go beyond words. I have lost a real friend. My life – and this country – is better for his being in it.”

Oscar-winning British director Sam Mendes, who worked with Newman on the 2002 film Road to Perdition, said it had been “the highlight of my professional life”.

He added: “To say he was an extraordinary man would be an understatement.

“It seems to me to be one of the great 20th-century lives. He was famously generous, with his extraordinary and unstinting work for his charities; he was a passionate advocate for the adrenaline and danger of his beloved racing cars; he was a shining example of how to use global fame for the greater good; and most of all he was one of the great movie actors of this or any other age.”

British actor Daniel Craig, who appeared alongside Newman in Road to Perdition, said: “He was one of the greatest screen actors of all time and a beautiful man. I think an era just ended.”

Australian star Russell Crowe said Newman was an inspiration.

He said: “Earlier, I read a quote from him which I find to be really amusing. It speaks so much to who he is.

“He said that regardless of his status, he was always a character actor – he just looked like Little Red Riding Hood.”

Newman was born in the Cleveland, Ohio, suburb of Shaker Heights. He briefly attended Ohio University before joining the US Navy, where he served as a radio operator and gunner in torpedo bombers in World War II.

After the war, he returned to college and graduated in 1949, when he enrolled at Yale University to study acting and subsequently joined Lee Strasberg’s Actors’ Studio in New York City.

Newman made his debut on Broadway and starred in his first movie in 1954, playing boxer Rocky Graziano in Somebody Up There Likes Me, later followed by Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Elizabeth Taylor.

His films The Hustler, in 1961, Harper in 1966 and Cool Hand Luke in 1967 made him a global superstar.

Newman married twice. He wed Jackie Witte in 1949 and the marriage ended in 1958. The couple had a son and two daughters. In 1978, his son Scott died of a drug overdose and the star opened the Scott Newman Centre for drug rehabilitation.

In 1958, Newman married actress and fellow Oscar-winner Joanne Woodward and they had three daughters together.

The couple had one of Hollywood’s rare long-term marriages. Asked if he had ever been tempted to stray, Newman told Playboy magazine: “I have steak at home, why go out for hamburger?”.