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Cymru Con

March 28, 2009

As I am sure most of you have heard Cymru Con Had to be cancelled this year. It was a combination of many factors, I’d like to just blame the economic crisis but that was the tip of the iceberg. My family is also under a lot of stress with my mother undergoing her radiotherapy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Iz and Dan for their tireless support and unmatched enthusiasm. I’d also like to thank those people who had committed the artists and writers that make all us comic fans turn up at conventions and lastly and by no means least I’d like to thank all the fans that were going to turn up


Cla$$war Volume One

March 28, 2009

I’ve heard so much about Classwar, and it’s written by someone who used to shop in the same comic store I do. So when I heard that it was being collected, I placed an order. I have to say if you haven’t read Cla$$war then order it quick. Do you remember how good the Ultimates volume one was. Yeah you heard me before they tumbled down the track and it became the car crash that ended with Mr Loeb. Well Cla$$war is as good if not better than that. It had me engrossed from cover to cover and I can’t wait for volume two. Keep up the good work Rob


Jericho picked up by Devils Due Publishing

March 10, 2009

Surfing the net and was amazed and secretly please by the news on newsarama

Now I am excited about this and i hope that the loyal fans of Jericho will pick this up, it will pick up right from the end of series 2


Watching the Watchman

March 1, 2009

Well I’m probably gonna get lots of flack for this but I was so excited waiting for this to come out. Then reality set in and I watched it expecting the mother of all movies. I am so sorry that i went back on my word to wait for the DVD. I have to say thank you to my friend Dan for getting me tickets to go and watch it in London yesterday, it did add something I suppose to sit in a cinema drinking champagne but that was really the highlight of the film.

Well perhaps i should have tried harder to understand the graphic novel as i left the cinema feeling distinctly underwhelmed. Highlights Jackie Earle Hadley as Rorschach, fantastic portrayal. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Comedian was also inspired casting.

Downsides too many to mention, the most laughable sex scene since Sharon Stone graced our screens.  Ozymandias was dire and  Billy Crudrup as Doctor Manhattan should now get a job advertising jumbo sized Trojans if that wasn’t a prosthetic. If you’ve read the graphic novel he looks like a greek statue (and if you’ve seen the nude greek statues you know what I mean)

I have to be fair though I will watch it and buy it on DVD but really not impressed. It’s almost like it tries too hard then fails on most counts