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Political Correctness – can it really be applied to Ginger people?

February 29, 2008


Midgets. Dwarves. Shortarses. Umpa-Lumpas. These types of terms are not politically correct. Munchkins – there, another one. Vertically challenged people recently won a ruling to have themselves referred to as ‘little people’ and its wrong to call the Welsh ‘taffs’.

Political correctness can protect more unfortunate members of society, such as hillbillys and Belgians from ridicule. But is there a point at which PC becomes total crap?

Hordes of ginger people marched on Whitehall today to campaign for equal rights that would see these suffering individuals given defensive PC terms that would ban the use of words & phrases like ‘ginger tw*t’, ‘ginger minger’, ‘carrot top’ and ‘wanker’ from being used to describe ginger people.

Famous ginger celebrities such as Chris Evans, Ron Howard of Happy Days fame and that fit bird from Six feet Under outlined their plight.
March organiser and actor/director Ron Howard, who played Ritchie Cunningham in Happy Days, said “We demand an end to these jokes that are tantamount to racism. Ginger hair is a blessing.”

However, one former ginger person, who asked not to be named; told of her plight before her life-changing experiment with blonde hair. Geri Helliwell, former Spice Girl and ginger person (oops, we named her!) told us of the constant torment at school. “All the kids with proper hair colours used to point and laugh,” she whimpered, “Since I became blonde though its all been much better.”

This Spoof reporter would ask you that, next time you see a ginger person please hold back your urge to ask them, “Is the downstairs carpet the same as the upstairs rug?” The colour of their pubic hair is obviously the same….


Iron Man Full trailer up

February 29, 2008

25345.jpgThose fantastic people over at Empire have a full trailer of Iron Man. I am so excited about this, This is one of the few films I am genuinely excited about


Marvel- My two cents worth

February 28, 2008

The Following item is only my opinion:

As a comic collector who started with Captain America it was inevitable that when I was older (and had more disposable income) that I would return to the scene of so many good memory’s. But like any drug the first few hits while good slowly become less rush and more hassle. I looked at my titles and slowly through lazy writing or bad editorial decisions pulled title after title. First there was the Civil War/Ultimates lazy writing from Mark Millar (if you check the endings for both titles they are very similar) then there was the disaster that was the editorial decision to allow Steve Rodgers to get killed (yes we know he’s gonna be back, but come on Punisher in a gimp suit and then Bucky as Captain) and then one of Marvels best titles Ultimates gets destroyed through poor art and poor writing.

I have the privilege of corresponding with a few people that I truly class as Genius. Beau Smith a legend in comic books, who would rather walk from a job than take a lame story. Jimmy Palmotti who is a truly talented artist and a genuine nice guy. Geoff Johns another amazing writer and last but by no means least Barry Kitsons who’s artwork is simply sublime.

 I also read one heck of a lot and when I wince when I am reading a comic then I know that’s a bad sign. I have very few marvel titles left and I hope to god that for whatever reason Marvel doesn’t ruin those also.

But as i said this is only my opinion and I am sure there are fans out there who love everything that Mark Millar comes out with, That can not see anything wrong with Mr Loeb’s run on Ultimates. And for the record this is not artist/writer bashing. There are still titles I will be picking up that Mr Millar is involved on, And I still say that Hush is one of Mr Loebs best works.


Comic Stores Both Good and Bad

February 28, 2008

You’ve all been there. Some stores the staff are so surly they make bad manners a art form, The stock is overpriced and bad information is given to the customers. Then the flip side of the coin Friendly knowledgeable staff, Well laid out stores, reasonable prices.

Now I may just be getting on my soap box here, but, Surely the idea of a comic store is to sell comics. Sure you can rip someone off a few times but inevitably all they will do is move to another store. Now I am no hard edged businessman but surely three or four sales does not equate to continuation sales. Take my habit, I mean my comic purchases. I have a good comic supplier and i spend approx £400 to £ 500 pounds a month breaking that into dollars it’s approx $800 to $1000 a month. Yes I am sure that the comic shop owner appreciates the revenue, but I get good advice, told in advance what is coming out and an actual apology if something has gone wrong. On top of this I have been drinking with the Guy, He’s one of the Tobacco Lepers so I regularly smoke with him and we phone each other.

 Now this is your chance to let me know of the good guys out there, and also the ones to watch out for.

Name and Shame folks


Crafty Butcher expands

February 28, 2008

As I have tons to do, there will be the occasional review from a good friend Lord Ruthven. He’ll be posting random reviews for your delight and fun


Starship Troopers 3

February 28, 2008

259331.jpgReasons why Starship Troopers 3 could be amazing,
It features a character called Dix Hauser.

Casper Van Dien is back!

Reasons it’s a little bit just maybe possible it won’t be amazing:
For the first twenty seconds we thought this was fan-made.

The acting is of the level you’d be disappointed to see in a corporate video.

We think we’ve played paintball where they shot this thing.

It only seems to have one action sequence featuring aliens, which the trailer uses about six times in two minutes, often from the same angle. That sequence looks like a cut scene from a PS2 game.

It’s copied the eggs from Alien, but used a mouldy tennis ball as a model.

The second film was really not very good. At all.

It features a character called Dix Hauser.

Casper Van Dien is back.

In conclusion: It will be amazing. It features a character called Dix Hauser!

sourced from Empire


Guy of the week.

February 27, 2008

guy_sig_2.gifI will be doing an award every Sunday for whoever reaches my standard for Guy of the week. So if it is someone who has committed an act of bravery. someone who has said something so outrageous that it has made me choke or just someone who has made me laugh the Guy of the Week Award will be made:)