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Outpost-Coming soon

April 23, 2008

I love a good war film, I love a good horror film and call me spooky, but I love a good film that has WW2 german soldiers in. Now Ray Stevenson (Rome) is about to merge all those into one. a film about Zombie Nazi’s. The premise is that the Germans experimented on their own men to make invincible  soldiers, Ubermen  if you like.  The only problem is it  made them undead.  Fast forward and seven mercenaries enter a bunker complex that housed the experiment. The address below is for a short trailer


Lynchings in Congo as penis theft panic hits capital

April 22, 2008

For all my readers I am sorry for this one but it’s so bizarre and so wacky I had to re-post

KINSHASA (Reuters) – Police in Congo have arrested 13 suspected sorcerers accused of using black magic to steal or shrink men’s penises after a wave of panic and attempted lynchings triggered by the alleged witchcraft

Reports of so-called penis snatching are not uncommon in West Africa, where belief in traditional religions and witchcraft remains widespread, and where ritual killings to obtain blood or body parts still occur.

Rumours of penis theft began circulating last week in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo’s sprawling capital of some 8 million inhabitants. They quickly dominated radio call-in shows, with listeners advised to beware of fellow passengers in communal taxis wearing gold rings.

Purported victims, 14 of whom were also detained by police, claimed that sorcerers simply touched them to make their genitals shrink or disappear, in what some residents said was an attempt to extort cash with the promise of a cure.

“You just have to be accused of that, and people come after you. We’ve had a number of attempted lynchings. … You see them covered in marks after being beaten,” Kinshasa’s police chief, Jean-Dieudonne Oleko, told Reuters on Tuesday.

Police arrested the accused sorcerers and their victims in an effort to avoid the sort of bloodshed seen in Ghana a decade ago, when 12 suspected penis snatchers were beaten to death by angry mobs. The 27 men have since been released.

“I’m tempted to say it’s one huge joke,” Oleko said.

“But when you try to tell the victims that their penises are still there, they tell you that it’s become tiny or that they’ve become impotent. To that I tell them, ‘How do you know if you haven’t gone home and tried it’,” he said.

Some Kinshasa residents accuse a separatist sect from nearby Bas-Congo province of being behind the witchcraft in revenge for a recent government crackdown on its members.

“It’s real. Just yesterday here, there was a man who was a victim. We saw. What was left was tiny,” said 29-year-old Alain Kalala, who sells phone credits near a Kinshasa police station.


Guy Of The Week- Joe Calzaghe

April 21, 2008

Joe Calzaghe once again did Wales Proud. The Welshman showed Hopkins what manners, grace and above all else boxing ability were.  Joe, The Butcher salutes you


The Eagles Conquest

April 21, 2008

The Second book is just as much fun as the first. Mainly because you already know Cato and Macro. The action is hard and fast and the scripting is well paced.

Official Blurb

When Centurion Macro arrives on British soil as one of Emperor Claudius’s invasion force in AD 43, he is facing one of the toughest campaigns of his battle-scarred career. In a series of bloody skirmishes, Macro and his young subordinate, Optio Cato, and the desperately outnumbered Roman army must find and defeat the enemy before he grows strong enough to overwhelm the legions. But the Britons are not the only foe facing Macro and Cato. A sinister organisation opposed to the Emperor is secretly betraying the invaders. And when rumours of an assassination attempt coincide with the Emperor’s arrival on British soil, the soldiers realise they are up against a force more ruthless than their acknowledged enemy…”

Comic of the Week

April 20, 2008

The Dresden Files for me is comic fo the week. When/If you read it you will see why, Granted it’s written by Jim himself, but this actually leaps out as his books do. This is certainly one of the comics I am now waiting with baited breath for part two. Please Dabel Please sign for another series


New Hulk Pictures

April 20, 2008

Thanks to those folks over at Empire magazine for being the great movie news people.


Grant Morrison confirms that WE3 is still ongoing

April 20, 2008

The Highly popular Grant Morrison announced at NYCC ’08 that WE3 is definetly going ahead and that delays with new lines highly published woes are whats held it up. It will be a live action movie with CGI animals. Those that loved the mini series will love this. I can’t wait


Dan Abnett And Andy Lanning to have Authority

April 20, 2008

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning get to team up yet again in the highly successful Authority from Wildstorm. Also announced at NYCC ’08 was that spinning out of the number of the beast story line, the Wildcats are back, their new story is entitled Wildcats- Worlds End. Ian Edgington(Scarlett traces) is taking over the helm of Stormwatch PHD. And Scott Beatty is the new guy at the helm for GEN-13


Fanboy Time- Sometimes I love being a comic fan

April 19, 2008

Gail Simone announced at the NYCC ’08 that the best villain/hero team ever is finally coming back. You know who i’m talking about the Secret Six. The rogues that make Two Face seem predictable. Gail will be joined on this ongoing by the excellent Nicola Scott. I am so happy as this was far and away my favourite comic in a long time. And Catman and Deadshot are definetely the new Murtagh and Riggs.


52 or Countdown my 10 cents

April 17, 2008

Well as Countdown draws rapidly to a close, i’d just like to compare the two. Now remember before deluging me with hate mail this is my opinion and my hard earned cash. 52 when this was announced I remember thinking, What are these guys crazy, a weekly comic will never work. And boy, did they prove me wrong. I was actually rivetted and couldn’t wait for the next issue. Yeah, sure there were a few weak weeks but on the whole It was amazing. So when countdown was announced I was really happy after all DC had proved they could pull the rabbit out of the hat. How wrong could I have been. This started really strongly, then had a real weak middle and only now as the end draws nigh, is it starting to pick up. I feel that DC missed the boat with this.

Now as a loyal fan of Dc this isn’t me putting a downer on DC, but as anyone who knows me will tell you. Little things can spill from major events. Marvel lost me because of so many major events, so many out of character decisions and also weak storytelling. You can put up with average storytelling if you care about the characters. You can put up with weak art if the story is good. But unfortunately if both are bad then you say hit the road jack.

I hope that this is just a blip on DC’s impeccable credentials. I really do.


Rachel Nichols Plays it as Scarlett

April 17, 2008

Rachel Nichols is to play Scarlett in the new GI Joe Movie, she’s supposed to be the martial artist and counter intelligence gal for the good guys. Hmm how many female soldiers do you know running around in skin tight lycra.Mind you that would be one way for Bush to win approval for his war on terror


Incredible Hulk Poster

April 15, 2008

Now those of you who are old enough to remember the TV series take a good look at that poster, doesn’t that bring back nostalgic memories.


Markosia and Monkeys with Machineguns

April 15, 2008

As hinted at, I can now reveal some details about the Markosia and MWM deal. As most people know those guys over at Monkeys With Machineguns have been building themselves a cult following with their dark horror and sci-fi. Well it seems that they finally did enough to get noticed and there is a limited series called the Magpye coming out from Markosia. Markosia are the house for up and coming comic talent and Harry has a good nose for sniffing these guys out. There are other rumours in the wind but these can only be confirmed after I do my interview with Harry and the boys at Bristol.

Take a sneak peak here

The Magpye is the story of a man who wakes up with no memory of who he is. The proverbial blank slate, he is free to chose a new life for himself unencumbered by the sins of his past, whatever they might be. There’s just one problem. Whilst he may not have his own demons to deal with, he is haunted by the ghosts of the men and women who have trodden the same path and worn the mantle of “The Magpye” before him. Our hero may not have any memory of who he is, but his head is full of the memories of those who have gone before him.

Haunted, hounded, and occasionally possessed by these phantoms, The Magpye is compelled the try and complete the mission that has claimed the lives of his predecessors, to protect man from the monsters that lurk in the shadows and the awkward angles, and to save the world (if he can) from those who would destroy it or enslave it … all whilst trying to find out the truth about who he is and what it means to be “The Magpye”.

It is a story about heroism, revenge, life and the afterlife … but mostly importantly this is a story about how we are all working out who we actually are as individuals. Are we the products of our own minds, or simply the result of the influences around us? Are we defined by the things we have done in the past, the things we do today, or the things that we aspire to do tomorrow?

The story combines powerful psychological themes with supernatural horror and some outright carnage for good measure. If you like zombies, evil nurses, mob warfare, ghosts, tentacled creatures, geisha girls, circus freaks, the occasional sucubus, ghosts, clowns, explosions, gun play, and some philosophical meta-psychology to wash down all those horrors … this could be the book for you!


For my readers

April 13, 2008

From the 25th I will be in China for two weeks and then going straight to Bristol International comic Expo. So don’t worry fi you don’t see a post, The butcher hasn’t died of stale meat but is instead taking a much deserved rest


Simon Scarrow-Under the Eagle

April 12, 2008

Ok I know technically this isn’t a new book. But for any of you out there that loved Gladiator or Rome or have actually read the last legion or Leopard in the Snow, this will be right up your street. The story is about a centruion and a young under officer and their invasion of Brittania. It is the first in a series and the action is paced right, The characters jump out of the pages at you and it leaves you wanting more. As an indication of how good I found this I started it this am and finished it at 2pm.


Ospreys beat Leicester to lift EDF cup

April 12, 2008

A superb all-round performance from James Hook inspired the Ospreys to a fine victory in the EDF Energy Cup final against Leicester at Twickenham.

The fly-half had a hand in both Ospreys tries, setting up Andy Bishop for the opening touchdown on 22 minutes before finding Alun Wyn Jones on 47 minutes.

Hook converted both scores, as well as kicking over three penalties.

Leicester never settled in the game, with all their six points coming in the first half from the boot of Andy Goode.

The victory avenged the Ospreys’s 2007 final defeat to Leicester, who lacked invention and verve so abundant in their Welsh opponents.

Tigers coach Marcelo Loffreda had played into the Ospreys hands, opting for centre Ollie Smith ahead of Tom Varndell on the right wing to counteract the potent threat Shane Williams.

The east Midland giants had dominated the early exchanges of the first half, taking the lead on four minutes when Goode kicked over a 25-metre penalty after a ruck infringement.

And the Premiership team’s forwards soon camped themselves deep inside Ospreys territory, but a fumble from centre Dan Hipkiss thwarted any hopes of a score.

But Goode – who had missed two earlier penalty efforts – doubled Leicester’s lead with a drop-goal on 16 minutes

But within six minutes the Ospreys were level – courtesy of Hook’s vision and Leicester’s lacksidasical defending.

The fly-half popped an inside pass for centre Bishop, who brushed off limp challenges from George Chuter and Goode before diving over for the first try of the game.

Hook added the extras and Leicester, after imposing their early authority, were beginning to lose the plot, with the Wales number 10 pulling the creative strings.

A wonderful, fleet-footed break from Hook required a full-stretch tackle from Ellis to prevent a certain try-scoring opportunity.

Indiscipline from the Tigers forwards resulted in captain Martin Corry receiving a stern lecture from referee Alain Rolland, warning any further discrepancies would lead to the sin-bin.

But despite their dominance, the Ospreys failed to capitalise on their advantage – Hook missed a 35th-minute penalty attempt, while Leicester just about cleared a Williams chip into the try area.

Instead, they had to make do with a slender one-point lead at the interval.

Tigers coach Marcelo Loffreda with assistant coach Richard Cockerill

Tigers coach Marcelo Loffreda (right) watches on in disbelief

But that advantage was extended seven minutes after the break through Wyn Jones, courtesy of a scything break from the excellent Lee Byrne.

The Wales full-back was assisted by a missed tackle from Chuter in midfield, but quick recycling and change of direction from Jonny Vaughton found Hook, whose perfectly timed pass found the second row for a powerful five-metre touchdown.

Leicester, subdued and lacking any attacking threat, were soon chasing an 11-point deficit when a thumping Hook penalty from the right touchline sailed through the middle of the posts.

With Leicester’s beleaguered forwards looking increasingly forlorn, the Ospreys squeezed further penalties from their tired and dejected opponents, with Hook adding six points with two fine penalty strikes to seal the game and the trophy.

The Ospreys kept pushing forward and replacement Gareth Owen touched down in the corner after a dazzling Williams break, only for referee Rolland to overrule the score for an earlier forward pass.

The decision had little effect on the Ospreys as the celebrations began in earnest two minutes later when Rolland blew for full time.


Rec- European Horror

April 10, 2008

This is one genuine scary horror movie, It’s claustrophobic, jump inducing and one that I totally recommend.

Here’s the link for you to go watch

warning it is foreign language though but if you liked r-type then this will be up your street


Valkyrie Pushed back Again

April 8, 2008

Brian Singers Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise has been pushed back again, If like me you were actually waiting for this then the new tenative date is Febuary 2009


Rachel Dawes comes out fighting for Harvey Dent

April 7, 2008

Assistant District Attorney Rachel Dawes Comes out fighting on Behalf of Harvey Dent

you too can show your support for Gothams upstanding DA


Thanks to you all again (and Hellboy)

April 7, 2008

Thanks to all my readers and also to hellboy for a timely set of pictures as I had 644 hits on hellboy alone today.