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Flint and Silver

July 29, 2008

This is the story before treasure Island. How Long John Silver went from law abiding sailor to Gentleman Buccaneer and how Captain Flint went from a member of the Kings Navy to one of the most feared Pirates around. It answers the question how did Long John loose his leg. How did blind Pew become blind. And why did Flint and Silver fall out.

Good news is that this has been picked up as a movie. I can’t wait for the follow up


Cymru Con-Update

July 27, 2008

Well much to my chagrin this is starting like a snowball slow but gathering pace. I have been in talks with artists today that will make people go arghhh. I have also almost secured the venue and a preferred hotel. (by preferred see 24 hr bar). I am awaiting a few more confirmations before we start talking to retailers and alsindy press


This Weeks Roundup

July 26, 2008

Firstly a piece from War Heroes as it appears in the Sunday Herald

Hollywood targets Millar’s ‘War Heroes’
Wanted comic creator Mark Millar has revealed that he has had two offers for the film rights for new book War Heroes.

He told the Sunday Herald that War Heroes, a comic described as Full Metal Jacket meets X-Men, could soon be turned into a film.

Talking about the storyline, he said: “It’s set a couple of years in the future. John McCain has just won the election and the war in the Gulf is getting bigger, so they give the troops superpower pills. That gets all the young American kids signing up to fight the Iraqis.”

Millar also noted that films based on comic books are in vogue because they offer Hollywood “high concept” ideas.

He said: “What producers do now is snap up material before others can get their hands on it. They’ll buy a project based on just a title, a blurb and an image. And if they smell what the business calls ‘high concept’, they will go into a feeding frenzy.

I hate Mark Millar so much right now having to give actual favourable reports when I know he’s gonna mess these up. Ok Mccain is President, America is still loosing men hand over fist in Iraq, then a suicide bomber blows up capital hill. America then invades Iran, Long and the short is that they start issuing soldiers with pills that contain superpowers. Arts good, Writing is fast paced. Will Give it time.
Number of the Beast
Now before someone pipes up and says thats the cover for No 8. I’d just like to point out that this series really worked for me. The characters and premise were amazing. I won’t spoil it but get this in trade asap.

Outlander-Vikings,Aliens and Dragons

July 20, 2008

As an age old battle rages amongst the stars, Kainan’s ship burns brightly as it crashes into the Nordic coast. As his space craft comes to rest in the fjords of ancient Norway, it’s with dismay that Kainan realizes that he wasn’t the only survivor. A second passenger, a Moorwen also emerges from the wreckage. A Fierce and animal-like creature, the Moorwen is intent on causing harm to those it perceives have wronged it. As the Moorwen kills everything in its path, Kainan must work together with the Vikings to destroy the beast before it destroys them all.

and the link to see the trailer is below


Max Payne

July 20, 2008

Is it just me or does Mark Wahlberg look perfect for Max.

Mark Wahlberg goes after the bad guys.


Birthday Bash

July 20, 2008

Well it was a two day event, the friday night with a select group of workmates and a good night was had. The saturday was a belter with the boys from the comic store. Highlights being Dave fancying a transvestite in Zero Degrees (it looks better after a few more beers) Robin regaling us with his homo-erotic fetishes. And a new word being created for both Dave and Steve Slagger (slurring and staggering). Thank you all for giving me a brithday to be proud of


Cymru Con Resurrection in talks

July 11, 2008

For those that know Cymru-Con was a legendary Welsh Con held in the Central Hotel in Cardiff. Fastforward twenty years and talks are ongoing to resurrect the Welsh Con onto the scene.

As more develops I will let you know as Crafty Butchers Events have an in at the back door