About Crafty Butchers

Hi, Well My name is Richard Griffiths and first and foremost I am a Welshman.
I come from a forces background with a grandfather who served in the Royal Artillery, Both Parents served in the RAF, and myself, who proudly served in the Royal Military Police
I have been an avid fantasy fan and comic reader for 25 years. As a comic collector I have approx 2000+ comics and over 2000 books. With Influences ranging from Dan Abnett to Raymond E Feist
This is a site paid for by me and built with the help of Stu.Art from Monkeys with Machineguns. The main aim of Crafty Butchers is like most of the excellent sites out there to do independent reviews. Blatant advertising and also to promote our hobby. My dream is that one day we can get cymru con back up and running but for that I need help…. A lot of help. Also it is about promoting the hobby that we all love. And why crafty butchers. Well hopefully with some of my contacts we will be taking a back door look at how the industry works. Talking to some of the old guard, new guard and up and coming.
The forums will be all for you. After all any of my reviews will only be my opinion. If your opinion differs tell me what you see different and I will re-look. As long as it’s all positive I have been known to change my opinion, rarely but it has been known. Oh and no flaming anyone.

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