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Monkeys with Machineguns Press release for Bristol International Comics Expo 2009

April 26, 2009

For Immediate Release


Monkeys with Machineguns are producing an extremely limited number of promotional comic books to accompany the Monkeys with Machineguns Live event at the Small Press Expo in Bristol on May 9th.

While stocks last anyone buying a unique, one off illustrated short story from Chris and Stu will receive it mounted inside a copy of the limited edition twenty page book. Featuring not only an eight page preview of their upcoming book “The Magpye”, being published by Markosia, but also a full colour eight page preview of a brand new secret project, this is an opportunity for those taking part in Monkeys with Machineguns Live to own a small part of the future of comic book history.

For those not in the know, the Magpye is a “supernatural superhero psychological horror story”, a genre-bending tale of an amnesiac vigilante charged with defending mankind from monsters, creatures, and things that lurk in the dark whilst being haunted, and sometimes hounded, by the ghosts of his fallen predecessors. When the Magpye’s identity is finally revealed however, he may have to face the worst monster of all … himself.

As for the secret project … the details of that will be revealed at the show!

And keep a close eye on the day as the Butcher may well be appearing in comic format


Monkeys with Machine Guns and Markosia Hot Stuff

April 2, 2008

Monkeys with Machineguns.

 If you have the chance to go to Bristol pick up anything you can by these guys as The Butcher believes big things are in the offing. Markosia will be unveiling Monkeys at Bristol.

If your a speculator(boo) then I would REALLY recommend picking up some stuff, if the man who delivers my meat is anything to go by


Comic Book Fans- Who we are!!

March 21, 2008
tn1.jpgfull name:Stuart ‘Danger’ Tipples
age:Physically? 32… Mentally? 15
occupation: By day: Corporate sales whore! By night: Drawing monkey!
favourite comic character:
first comic bought: Probably one of the Marvel UK titles, or an Eagle when I was like 4 or 5… But 1st comic I physically went out and bought with my own pocket money would’ve been 2000AD circa late 600’s
favourite series of comics: That’s a tough one. There are a few titles I’m really enjoying at the moment like Walking Dead, Deus Ex Machina and Y the Last Man, but there are also quite a few oldies and classics that still resonate with me like Zenith, Garth Ennis era Hellblazer but I think I would have to say my favourite is Pete Milligan and Ducan Fegredos Enigma. I’m not a huge fan of Capes and Tights titles, so the Enigma was one of those Vertigo titles that just instantly appealed to me and Fegredo’s art is just fantastic in it! So animated and exciting, admittedly there is quite a visable learning curve taking place in it, but none the less, Fegredo’s characters are expressive and very real looking.
Favourite artist: Tricky again… There are a lot of artists I admire and respect from my position of trying to be an comic book artist proffessionally myself, Sean Phillips, Brendan McCarthy, Steve Yeowel, Ashley Woods, Duncan Fegredo (obviously) and Mike Mignola. But if I had to pick a favourite?… Jock. Like Fegredo he draws expressive, animated and very stylish characters. He also has a fantastic eye for design and composition.
favourite writer: Brian K. Vaughan and Warren Ellis.
most expensive comic: Don’t really think I have anything that expensive or collectable. I don’t really buy monthly titles anymore (space issues) I tend to wait for the trades to be released.
what are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months: It’s blatant self promotion, but I’m going to say it anyway! I cannot wait to see the 1st issue of The Magpye out there and on the shelves! It’ll be my first monthly book, all my previous published books have been graphic novels or one offs.
what comic store do you shop at: I don’t really, I do most my comic/graphic novel shopping online – but if I do, it’s usually The Comic Guru or Forbidden Planet in Cardiff.
average spend monthly: Trades not monthly books… maybe £20-£30 a month.
first published work: That was probably MWM 1 by Openbook Press/Smash Comics – I think you can still pick up copies of that version on, but my first work that I would say was properly published i.e. available in books shops around the world, was my version of The Raven, for the graphic novel Nevermore for Selfmade Hero publishing.
proudest moment: You mean other than winning Subuteo under 16 division 2 league?! Watching a complete stranger picking up MWM 0 that had no marketing, no advertising or any sort of advance warning on the world and actually parting with their hard earned money for it at Bristol back in 2004.