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St Davids Day

March 1, 2008

Today in Wales, we celebrated our Patron Saints day. St David. So in a celebration of being Welsh I give you our most famous Welshmen/Women

Andrew Vicari- Welsh Artist

Anthony Hopkins- Actor

Terry Jones- Actor/comedian

Tommy Cooper- Comedian

Dawn French- Comedian

T E Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia Explorer/Soldier

Owain Glyndwr- Welsh Monarch

David Lloyd George- Prime Minister of Britain

Joe Calzaghe – Boxing Champion

Vinnie Jones- Footballer/Actor

Christian Bale- Actor

Tom Jones- Singer

Alexander Cordell- Author

Of Welsh Descent ( mind you some of these we don’t want to claim)

Tom Cruise- Actor

Glen Ford-Actor

Anthony Perkins- Actor

Bob Hope- Actor/Comedian

Susan Sarandon- Actor

Donnie Osmond and his family- Singer

Dean Cain- Actor

Kelly Clarkson- Singer

Calvin Coolidge- President of the USA

Jefferson Davis- Confederate President

Thomas Jefferson- President Of the USA

Robert E Lee- Confederate General (the best)

Abraham Lincoln- President of the USA

James Madison- President of the USA

James Monroe- President of the USA

Hilary rodham Clinton- Democratic presidential candidate

Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniels- Business Man and creator of Jack Daniels

Bob Evans- Restaurateur and owner of BOB Evans Restaurants

William Fargo- Pioneer Expressman

Howard Hughes- Aviator,Engineer and Film Producer

Daniel Boone- Pioneer

Murray Humphreys- Mobster

Jesse James- Outlaw