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Breaking News From Markosia

August 2, 2009



With the first issue of “The Dark”, the new science fiction mini series from Markosia, due to hit iTunes in mid-August, a new trailer for the series has been released on You Tube.

Click here to view the trailer:

For further details on The Dark, please see the attached press release or visit

Please send any questions or queries to and

Thanks in advance for your interest in “The Dark”



June 6, 2008

Ok people tomorrow, I will be doing an interview with Chris Lynch and about the Magpye, Markosia and cheese. These guys are hot Welsh comic talent and I think it will make for interesting reading. Also there are a shed load of comics to go through so If i get time I will do a review for you guys


Bristol International Comic Expo 2008

May 11, 2008

Interviews will follow later.

First I owe an apology to the ever excellent Barry Kitson. Barry I know I said I’d interview you but the mix of a broken coxix, aching feet and jetlag meant I was dying. I am so sorry especially after all the hard work you put into my sketch.

Well Bristol just keeps getting better and better, Touched down from my vacation in China thursday night, had 6 hours sleep and then back on the road for the convention. Courtesy of Cardiff Science Fiction and Fantasy Store(thanks Dave) got to go to the retailer day, where some excellent panels were held. Diamond Introduced themselves, then we moved through the different panels. Some great information from Bob Wayne and Eddie Berganza about future releases and the floor seemed to like the idea that depending on feedback a re-release of the excellent hitman series in trade format may be coming soon. Wildstorm was as ever excellent with some news that really excited me, Deathblow is joining one of the new teams. Vertigo also have a number of new and exciting products coming out and key one that seems really hype is Air. (thanks for getting us excited with this Karen Berger) We then had a quick slot with Dave Gibbons about the new book coming out later this year, Watching the Watchmen filled with never seen imagery a absolute must from titan books for anyone who is a Watchman fan.

We then gathered and had a few drinks and I got to meet YANICK PAQUETTE,The Butcher and Yannick Parquette who even after we destroyed him throughout the rest of the night is a thouroughly nice bloke and his artwork is second to none, so crisp and clear. For those not mentioned during the rest of friday, I am sorry a mix of both alcohol and jetlag is to blame, yep thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Nice to see many old friends and made a few new ones.

On the Saturday thanks to the people who organise this sleeping giant I got my press pass. It really is something to see the greats and people you admire gathering before the public get in there (and no thanks were needed for those that I got food and drink for over the weekend). Got to purchase some more work off Barry Kitson-sketching

Barry Kitson and had another great sketch, Had further sketches off Joe Jusko, John Burns and did a short interview with the ever excellent Bryan Talbot. Saturday also saw two shut outs as we were completely full. Wow that was a surprise and for those people stuck outside I feel for you as it was absolutely boiling.

Sunday came around so quick and picked up further work from Rodney Ramos and thanks for a great Black Adam, John Macrea. Also did a Interview with Harry Markos, Harry is one of the Industry’s nice guys and he likes keeping the Indie scene vibrant and exciting.Spoke at length with Tommy Castillo and I will get you and Rod beer next year.

Below are original pieces that I picked up last year through to this yearoriginal artwork from Empireoriginal artwork from supergirl and legion of superheroesoriginal artwork from supergirl and legion of superheroesoriginal artwork from empire purchased 2008original artwork from jla year one purchased 2008original artwork from countdown purchased from rodney ramos 2008original artwork purchased from john macrea jla-hitman


Markosia and Monkeys with Machineguns

April 15, 2008

As hinted at, I can now reveal some details about the Markosia and MWM deal. As most people know those guys over at Monkeys With Machineguns have been building themselves a cult following with their dark horror and sci-fi. Well it seems that they finally did enough to get noticed and there is a limited series called the Magpye coming out from Markosia. Markosia are the house for up and coming comic talent and Harry has a good nose for sniffing these guys out. There are other rumours in the wind but these can only be confirmed after I do my interview with Harry and the boys at Bristol.

Take a sneak peak here

The Magpye is the story of a man who wakes up with no memory of who he is. The proverbial blank slate, he is free to chose a new life for himself unencumbered by the sins of his past, whatever they might be. There’s just one problem. Whilst he may not have his own demons to deal with, he is haunted by the ghosts of the men and women who have trodden the same path and worn the mantle of “The Magpye” before him. Our hero may not have any memory of who he is, but his head is full of the memories of those who have gone before him.

Haunted, hounded, and occasionally possessed by these phantoms, The Magpye is compelled the try and complete the mission that has claimed the lives of his predecessors, to protect man from the monsters that lurk in the shadows and the awkward angles, and to save the world (if he can) from those who would destroy it or enslave it … all whilst trying to find out the truth about who he is and what it means to be “The Magpye”.

It is a story about heroism, revenge, life and the afterlife … but mostly importantly this is a story about how we are all working out who we actually are as individuals. Are we the products of our own minds, or simply the result of the influences around us? Are we defined by the things we have done in the past, the things we do today, or the things that we aspire to do tomorrow?

The story combines powerful psychological themes with supernatural horror and some outright carnage for good measure. If you like zombies, evil nurses, mob warfare, ghosts, tentacled creatures, geisha girls, circus freaks, the occasional sucubus, ghosts, clowns, explosions, gun play, and some philosophical meta-psychology to wash down all those horrors … this could be the book for you!


Monkeys with Machine Guns and Markosia Hot Stuff

April 2, 2008

Monkeys with Machineguns.

 If you have the chance to go to Bristol pick up anything you can by these guys as The Butcher believes big things are in the offing. Markosia will be unveiling Monkeys at Bristol.

If your a speculator(boo) then I would REALLY recommend picking up some stuff, if the man who delivers my meat is anything to go by


Comic Book Fans- Who we are!!

March 21, 2008
tn1.jpgfull name:Stuart ‘Danger’ Tipples
age:Physically? 32… Mentally? 15
occupation: By day: Corporate sales whore! By night: Drawing monkey!
favourite comic character:
first comic bought: Probably one of the Marvel UK titles, or an Eagle when I was like 4 or 5… But 1st comic I physically went out and bought with my own pocket money would’ve been 2000AD circa late 600’s
favourite series of comics: That’s a tough one. There are a few titles I’m really enjoying at the moment like Walking Dead, Deus Ex Machina and Y the Last Man, but there are also quite a few oldies and classics that still resonate with me like Zenith, Garth Ennis era Hellblazer but I think I would have to say my favourite is Pete Milligan and Ducan Fegredos Enigma. I’m not a huge fan of Capes and Tights titles, so the Enigma was one of those Vertigo titles that just instantly appealed to me and Fegredo’s art is just fantastic in it! So animated and exciting, admittedly there is quite a visable learning curve taking place in it, but none the less, Fegredo’s characters are expressive and very real looking.
Favourite artist: Tricky again… There are a lot of artists I admire and respect from my position of trying to be an comic book artist proffessionally myself, Sean Phillips, Brendan McCarthy, Steve Yeowel, Ashley Woods, Duncan Fegredo (obviously) and Mike Mignola. But if I had to pick a favourite?… Jock. Like Fegredo he draws expressive, animated and very stylish characters. He also has a fantastic eye for design and composition.
favourite writer: Brian K. Vaughan and Warren Ellis.
most expensive comic: Don’t really think I have anything that expensive or collectable. I don’t really buy monthly titles anymore (space issues) I tend to wait for the trades to be released.
what are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months: It’s blatant self promotion, but I’m going to say it anyway! I cannot wait to see the 1st issue of The Magpye out there and on the shelves! It’ll be my first monthly book, all my previous published books have been graphic novels or one offs.
what comic store do you shop at: I don’t really, I do most my comic/graphic novel shopping online – but if I do, it’s usually The Comic Guru or Forbidden Planet in Cardiff.
average spend monthly: Trades not monthly books… maybe £20-£30 a month.
first published work: That was probably MWM 1 by Openbook Press/Smash Comics – I think you can still pick up copies of that version on, but my first work that I would say was properly published i.e. available in books shops around the world, was my version of The Raven, for the graphic novel Nevermore for Selfmade Hero publishing.
proudest moment: You mean other than winning Subuteo under 16 division 2 league?! Watching a complete stranger picking up MWM 0 that had no marketing, no advertising or any sort of advance warning on the world and actually parting with their hard earned money for it at Bristol back in 2004.

Comic Expo- The Survival guide

March 4, 2008

Over the next few weeks I will tell you how to survive your first comic expo.

At this time it is usual to have booked your hotel if you are doing the weekend. The weekend is rewarding in and of itself and is a good way to get all those sketches and signatures that you seek.

When searching for hotels it’s always good to seek the advice of the expo organisers as they can tell you the good from the bad.

I would always recommend looking through the guest list and seeing what you want. Hmmm I want to go get Stu.Art from MWM sketching for me as it is their official launch with Markosia. So a sketch pad is essential. Also some artists do charge for their sketches as some people have been known to put the sketches up on ebay.

It is also the time to pull out the comic boxes and see what your going to take to get signed.

Next step I will launch on the weekend. This will deal with funding, what to do on day one and prioritising, then part three will deal with the social aspect and perhaps actually seeing day 2