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Comics pick of the week

June 14, 2008

This week there were some good comics and some bad comics. But the pick of the bunch were the following

Greg Pak continues his meteoric rise with this follow on from Planet Hulk. If Marvel had more writers like him and Dan Abnett then they wouldn’t get so much bad press. For a first issue this is paced nicely, The artwork follows in the same vein as Planet Hulk and the first issue is a good story.

Trinity 2. Apart from the second string story being moved into the mainstream story, this is a strong second issue. Really intrigued to see where this goes. DC has a 50/50 with weekly comics and I for one hope that with the talent on this title that they put this firmly in the hit.

Now that brings me to something I don’t like to do. I appreciate that every ones comic pounds are hard earned (or dollars) But I am going to recommend a Trade (as long as DC brings it out) GET Gotham Underground. Frank Tieri has proved once again that he can hold the big titles, keep a story flowing and make you feel something for the characters. There is one scene in the last issue where you read with heart in your mouth, thinking OMG Is he gonna……

Trust me this is a definite plus for anyones collection.

Which almost brings me to a close. Apart from one of my favourite characters and also my biggest gripes with any comic house. Firstly to the gripe. Don’t have a title where a) the characters name is in it and said character isn’t b) kill of an iconic character in the very first issue. I loved Wisdom and am a long time fan of Captain Britain. All I can hope is that Marvel haven’t decided to shaft us Brits yet again. This is a good comic, it could have been a exceptional read apart from No Captain Britain. I only got this title to read Captain Britain (rant over)


Comics Week in Review part two

June 8, 2008

Ok, the first part was the ones I read yesterday and recommend, these are the ones I read today and give a big thumbs up to.

Cover for Amazing Spider-Man #558

Now some of you know that apart from a certain few titles I find Marvel very humdrum, very much of a muchness. That may be about to change as a) my favourite artist Barry Kitson is on this title. b) that the scripting is snappy and spideys jokes are popping quite nicely, thanks to Bob Gale for this.

Trinity: Another weekly comic from DC I sighed. Then realised that Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley were gonna be picking up the ball. This has two stories in it, The first is about the first trio of hero’s and plays out nicely, The second story is very …… Whats happening here?

Don’t want to diss a good book but First half amazing second half should be a marvel title.

And Finally

MARVEL 1985 #1

Mark Millar & Tommy Lee Edwards 1985. I tried so hard to dislike this, After all after the civil war and ultimates endings I thought Millar had sold out. 1985 is actually a damn good read, Can Millar keep it up, maybe, but if i hear a iron man speech about how many ways he could have won this then you won’t see my arse for dust


Con Survival Guide

March 8, 2008

Ok Part two of the con survival guide.


By now you should have started saving for the con, why i hear you ask, well let me take you through just some of the items you may want to pick up in a con.

Back Issues- Always a large selection available and always multipacks.

Trades- Huge selection available and it’s the chance to fill the gaps in your collection

Sketches- It’s a sad fact that a small minority have ruined it for the rest of us but some artists do charge for their sketches. But believe me they are well worth it

Prints- There are some nice prints always available at the cons and if you have the room then I totally recommend it

Artwork- All the top artists have a portfolio and back log of stuff that they will be happy to sell you. I have a few pieces of Bary Kitsons work

 Refreshments- You need to eat, and if your at a con all day you certainly need to drink

Hotel- are you there for 1 day or for the weekend, if the weekend the hotel need to be paid for

Travel- how much is it going to cost you to get to the con, bus, train car or plane all needs to be budgeted for


your friday night entertainment, are you going out or having a early night (budget at least £40.00 for this)

early saturday- do you eat the hotels breakfast or do you go for a pub breakfast.

Saturday night- party hearty, your looking at a good £40.00 plus for this

Ok as to prioritising. Let me explain last year at Bristol I was waiting for mr kitson while my friends went off to the DC nation, on the way they got chatting to some american chap and lo and behold it turned out it was kurt busiek. Now my priority was to get that sketch and get my legion stuff signed.

Look at the guest list before you go. Allocate your time, who must you see, who is it imperative that you have to get signings/sketches from. Who can wait till the sunday or next year.

The guys are real friendly and if you looks at some con pro’s sketch books they really do put the effort in and are glad to meet their fans.