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Justice League-Woes Continue

March 19, 2008


George Miller is currently the subject of an experiment on the limits of human tolerance. He is holding up well. The experiment goes by the name of Justice League Mortal (When did it change its name to that? What does that even mean?). The film, which has been knocking around development for eons has come up against yet another roadblock.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the film won’t shoot in Australia, as had been planned, since the Federal Government refused to grant it a film production rebate. Honestly, we don’t entirely know what that means – we’re not government officials or accountants, leave us alone – but the gist is that a tax incentive that would make the film more economical to shoot in Australia has been denied. So the production has to either appeal or move elsewhere, causing it further delay.

“A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Australian film industry is being frittered away because of very lazy thinking,” Miller told the Herald. “If that’s going to be the final decision, they’re throwing away hundreds of millions of dollars of investment that the rest of the world is competing for and, much more significantly, highly skilled creative jobs…It feels to me like I’m not fighting for this film. I’m fighting for the Australian film industry.”

That statement may be a tad over-zealous, but the man’s very stressed right now. Doctors say that if this particular film’s production gets much worse he might explode. So please maintain a safe distance.

Sourced from Empire