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Upcoming Movies: Both Good and Bad

February 20, 2008

The Dark Knight: Really Looking forwards to this not least as I love the idea of Christian Bale returning to a role he is more than making his own. A fitting tribute to Heath Ledger as well.

Iron Man: Possibly the most type cast actor for the role of Tony Stark: Alchoholic- check, Party Animal – Check, Fun Loving – Check Ah lets get Robert Downey, It has the greatest possibility for being amazing just check the web the stills look breathtaking.

Wanted: Quite frankly if this was the graphic novel I would rate this as one of my most eagerly anticipated movies of all time. But as it is I’d rather have a dose of my own dodgy meat and the resulting toilet time.

Star Trek XI. Have you ever watched a trailer and had the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, Neither had I until I saw the trailer for the latest Star Trek. Some Questions need answering but I am sad enough to forget that Pike was the FIRST captain of the Enterprise for what promises to be an amazing film.