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Rachel Dawes comes out fighting for Harvey Dent

April 7, 2008

Assistant District Attorney Rachel Dawes Comes out fighting on Behalf of Harvey Dent

you too can show your support for Gothams upstanding DA


Slander By Gotham City PD against Harvey Dent

April 1, 2008


Joker Returns

March 31, 2008

There have been a few goings on in the world of The Dark Knight over the weekend. Short version: Some people who registered with the site received a new phone call, which lead to a number of other websites. Those include, a site running a smear campaign against Harvey Dent, complete with video. That also leads to (stated to be the found of

The more interesting part is that a number of US journalists who received promotional phones from The Joker have received another call. According to one of those lucky few, who posted on Hollywood Chicago, the message was:

“Hey clown, ready to get to work? (I replied “yes”.) Ok, good. You are 1 of 17 clowns still left in the game (remember, there were 22 phones initially) I have a letter for you. Here is your secret letter… are you ready for it? Your secret letter is “L” as in “Laugh”. Can you remember that? Good. Now get to work and tell all of your goons. We’ll be in touch soon.”

How all the people with phones came to learn each others’ letters, we don’t know, but they added up to a new URL for There you can see a suitcase with stickers for several international cities and a date of travel of April 1, which is tomorrow. So is there something big coming tomorrow? We’ll keep you updated.

Finally, the has updated with a new Joker-defaced version of the issue of The Gotham Times posted last week.

(knicked from Empire for all you joker fans)