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Comic Stores Both Good and Bad

February 28, 2008

You’ve all been there. Some stores the staff are so surly they make bad manners a art form, The stock is overpriced and bad information is given to the customers. Then the flip side of the coin Friendly knowledgeable staff, Well laid out stores, reasonable prices.

Now I may just be getting on my soap box here, but, Surely the idea of a comic store is to sell comics. Sure you can rip someone off a few times but inevitably all they will do is move to another store. Now I am no hard edged businessman but surely three or four sales does not equate to continuation sales. Take my habit, I mean my comic purchases. I have a good comic supplier and i spend approx £400 to £ 500 pounds a month breaking that into dollars it’s approx $800 to $1000 a month. Yes I am sure that the comic shop owner appreciates the revenue, but I get good advice, told in advance what is coming out and an actual apology if something has gone wrong. On top of this I have been drinking with the Guy, He’s one of the Tobacco Lepers so I regularly smoke with him and we phone each other.

 Now this is your chance to let me know of the good guys out there, and also the ones to watch out for.

Name and Shame folks