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Comic Book Fans- Who we are!!

March 21, 2008
tn.jpgFull name: Kelvin James Gill
Age: 35
Occupation:  Admin Officer with Her Majesty’s Prison: Cardiff
Favourite comic character: Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
First comic bought: An issue of 2000AD, the long running British weekly anthology comic. The first DC comic I bought was Sandman #9 (the first appearence of Death), although I had been reading DC comics for many many years before then – all kindly donated to me by a good friend 🙂
Favourite series of comics:  So many contenders, but if I have to choose just one, then it’s Giffen & DeMatteis’s Justice League (International) – an all time classic finally getting the hardcover love it deserves!
Favourite artist:  Just one?  Maaaaan… I can’t do that, seriously. I love Amanda Conner’s work, it oozes fun and jumps off the page and slaps you around the head with a nig wet fish. Kevin Maguire draws the best expressions ever!  Check out his run on JLI and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Juan Jose Ryp will fill the page with so much detail it blows the mind – and he gets his stuff in on time!  Mignola, D’Israeli, Dan Schaffer (Dogwitch/Indigo Vertigo) and many more.  This is an evil question! Eeeevil I tell you!!! 
Favourite writer: Arse!  Another doubleplus ungood question.  My favourite writer is that comic god Alan Warren Garth Grant Dan Geoff Keith Gail Simone Giffen Johns Schaffer Morrison Ennis Ellis Moore.
Yeah, you know, him…
Most expensive comic:  I don’t honestly know. I never check how much my comics are worth because that side of collecting has no interest for me whatsoever.  I have an Ultimate Spider-Man #1 and Ultimate X-Men #1 (first printings) that I noticed one comic shop was selling for over £100 each if that counts?
What are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months: DC’s Final Crisis – Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones. Like sex for the mind right there.
What comic store do you shop at: Cardiff Fantasy Centre, Jacobs Antique Market, Cardiff – an awesome customer service provided by genuine top-notch gentlemen. They deserve a more visible store in the centre of the shopping area.
Average spend monthly: Erm… a lot. I get roughly 90% of the DC Universe titles, plus assorted extras.