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For my readers

April 13, 2008

From the 25th I will be in China for two weeks and then going straight to Bristol International comic Expo. So don’t worry fi you don’t see a post, The butcher hasn’t died of stale meat but is instead taking a much deserved rest


Monkeys with Machine Guns and Markosia Hot Stuff

April 2, 2008

Monkeys with Machineguns.

 If you have the chance to go to Bristol pick up anything you can by these guys as The Butcher believes big things are in the offing. Markosia will be unveiling Monkeys at Bristol.

If your a speculator(boo) then I would REALLY recommend picking up some stuff, if the man who delivers my meat is anything to go by


Con Survival Guide

March 8, 2008

Ok Part two of the con survival guide.


By now you should have started saving for the con, why i hear you ask, well let me take you through just some of the items you may want to pick up in a con.

Back Issues- Always a large selection available and always multipacks.

Trades- Huge selection available and it’s the chance to fill the gaps in your collection

Sketches- It’s a sad fact that a small minority have ruined it for the rest of us but some artists do charge for their sketches. But believe me they are well worth it

Prints- There are some nice prints always available at the cons and if you have the room then I totally recommend it

Artwork- All the top artists have a portfolio and back log of stuff that they will be happy to sell you. I have a few pieces of Bary Kitsons work

 Refreshments- You need to eat, and if your at a con all day you certainly need to drink

Hotel- are you there for 1 day or for the weekend, if the weekend the hotel need to be paid for

Travel- how much is it going to cost you to get to the con, bus, train car or plane all needs to be budgeted for


your friday night entertainment, are you going out or having a early night (budget at least £40.00 for this)

early saturday- do you eat the hotels breakfast or do you go for a pub breakfast.

Saturday night- party hearty, your looking at a good £40.00 plus for this

Ok as to prioritising. Let me explain last year at Bristol I was waiting for mr kitson while my friends went off to the DC nation, on the way they got chatting to some american chap and lo and behold it turned out it was kurt busiek. Now my priority was to get that sketch and get my legion stuff signed.

Look at the guest list before you go. Allocate your time, who must you see, who is it imperative that you have to get signings/sketches from. Who can wait till the sunday or next year.

The guys are real friendly and if you looks at some con pro’s sketch books they really do put the effort in and are glad to meet their fans.


Thanks to My readers

March 8, 2008

I’d like to thank each of you for viewing my site as Today has been my best ever day online. We broke last weeks record so it shows I must be doing something right. Thanks to Jimmy Palmiotti and Beau Smith for your kind words (keep dropping by guys) and also thanks to you all out there for making our hobby what it is. Thanks also must go to Stu.Art from MWM for the excellent logo and also to Mike Alwood from the Bristol comicon for arranging a press pass for me


Comic Expo- The Survival guide

March 4, 2008

Over the next few weeks I will tell you how to survive your first comic expo.

At this time it is usual to have booked your hotel if you are doing the weekend. The weekend is rewarding in and of itself and is a good way to get all those sketches and signatures that you seek.

When searching for hotels it’s always good to seek the advice of the expo organisers as they can tell you the good from the bad.

I would always recommend looking through the guest list and seeing what you want. Hmmm I want to go get Stu.Art from MWM sketching for me as it is their official launch with Markosia. So a sketch pad is essential. Also some artists do charge for their sketches as some people have been known to put the sketches up on ebay.

It is also the time to pull out the comic boxes and see what your going to take to get signed.

Next step I will launch on the weekend. This will deal with funding, what to do on day one and prioritising, then part three will deal with the social aspect and perhaps actually seeing day 2


Bristol Comic Expo

March 4, 2008


With our greatest ever line up!

  KAREN BERGER – Senior VP –
Executive Editor – Vertigo

                               HANK KANALZ – VP-General Manager of WildStorm.
                                         Editor of WORLD OF WARCRAFT comic;

                                     EDDIE BERGANZA – DCU Group Editor.
        Editor of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, and the forthcoming FINAL CRISIS

Watch for details of the Big 3 DC Panels