Lone Survivor- Marcus Luttrell

May 22, 2008

Ok first and foremost, I love my true stories, but I always shudder when I hear the jingoism greatest special forces in the world. Every Country thinks we have the greatest special forces. America it’s the Seals, Great Britain it’s the SAS, France the Foreign Legion, Russia the Spetsnaz. I respect all these guys as it takes a special person to be a soldier, to be that object of hatred and ridicule that liberal society seems to want us to believe our military men are. And when you consider that the special forces are perhaps the top 1/2 a percent of a nations best soldiers, then you’ll understand why every country claims they are the best.

Marcus takes us through a series of seemless flashbacks from afghanistan to his early life and training, right to the point and title of the book. I don’t know if they are the worlds toughest special forces, but the three men who died from marcus’s group certainly win my award for toughest SOB’s and if they are a general yardstick for the US Seal Teams then I hope if ever I am in trouble it’s these guys come to save me.

All in all a moving, sometimes disturbing but also a tribute to the human spirit

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