Straight from shock till you drop

March 23, 2008


In just a little over a month, powerhouse writing-directing team Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (Game) begin shooting a sequel to their pumped-up, kinetic actioner Crank. Following that, it’s Jonah Hex, the DC comics western steeped in the supernatural (original announcement).

“I think it’s the best script we’ve written,” Taylor told me during a late-night soiree in Hollywood thrown in anticipation of Pathology, a film he co-penned with Neveldine. Warner Bros. apparently loves the script and understands the tone the pair have brought to this tale of true grit and blood – and if you’ve seen Crank and Pathology, you know all bets are off and you’re in for a unpredictable, f’ed-up ride.

Asked if there was any concern over comparisons between the upcoming “Hex” and Neil Marshall’s recently announced horror western Sacrilege, Taylor expresses no worries. “I’m not sure what that film’s going to be like, but ours is less horror.” Still, he promises, it’s going to be plenty twisted.

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