Jim Butcher- Academs Fury

March 14, 2008

514qxkvytcl_ou01_aa240_sh20_.jpgThis book takes place 2 years after the events in the first book of the series. Tavi is now a trainee Cursor at the academy in the capital and still has no furies to call his own. However, when the First Lord collapses one evening while alone with Tavi it is up to him to decide the best way to prevent this sudden health problem from plunging Alera into civil war. At the same time those in the Calderon Valley discover that the Wax Forrest has spawned a new evil that makes the previous wars in the valley look like child’s play and could destroy all of Alera.

If you have read the first and second book, then you know that Tavi has a great destiny and book three and four prooves this

This story is played out in the space of a few days as Tavi tries to balance final exams with impending invasion and the political games of the high lords. Tavi is growing up and this comes through clearly in this novel, and though it was somewhat disappointing to find him still fury-less, Tavi still manages to do more with his brains than many powerful people with furies ever achieve.

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