Beau Smith/IDW 24 Cold Warriors

March 12, 2008

On saturday I picked up the 24: Cold warrior One shot. This one shot was paced exactly right, if it was the series I’d say it would have taken three nights to get through. Beau’s writing made you feel that Jack was actually there and poor Chloe hopelessly over her head. The only criticism I had with the Book was and it is a frequent criticism of IDW, The art didn’t live up to the script. That is not to say that the artist was poor, but there are better efforts that would have made Jack and Chloe leap from the pages.

In summary It was a good one shot and if you enjoy 24 or Beaus work please pick this up



  1. I agree with you about the art. I hope it doesn’t sound as if I’m making excuses for the less-than-stellar job I turned in, but much of that book was drawn in the hospital after my dad had a stroke.

    The rest of it was drawn while I was handling the details of his death.

    I wrote about the situations surrounding it in my blog:

    I was certainly disappointed with my effort.

    However, we’re in a comics era of “flaky artists” and “lazy artists” who frequently cause an internet uproar when a book is announced as being late. That coupled with my not wanting to let down Chris Ryall or Andrew Steven Harris (my editors on the project), was the determining factor in my not dropping the book—-too many people were depending on the book being done on time for me to bail and force IDW to start over from scratch.

    Unfortunately, no matter what I did, the end result would be disappointing. I’m sorry about that.

    Thanks for checking the book out.


    Steve Bryant

  2. I’m so sorry. First and foremost, I also didn’t want to disappoint the amazing Beau Smith, who, as I’ve stated in that same blog, WAS BORN TO WRITE JACK BAUER.


    I felt awful about screwing the pooch on his debut of writing Jack.


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