Hammer Of Daemons

March 3, 2008

hammer-daemons.jpgThis is the third part of the grey knights saga by Ben Counter. Firstly a bit of background about the series. The grey knights are psychic marines who’s main function are to face down daemonic threats throughout the imperium. The first two books are well paced and this is no let down in this book. Justicar Alaric of the grey knights is tasked with his squad to help defend a imperial world against the coming of chaos. There follows a brief struggle and Alaric sees a chance to stop the Chaos onslaught in it’s tracks, by killing the chaos lord in command. In short Alaric is beaten and taken back to a world in the eye of terror and made to take part in gladiatorial games with the aim being to turn him from his faith and turn him into a pawn of chaos.

Ben Counter has a great flair for the big scene. Builds his characters well and keeps things moving at a reasonable pace. His Soul Drinkers series is a real joy as was his contribution to the horus heresy series. I really enjoy reading Bens work and long may it continue

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