Guy of the week.

March 2, 2008


My Guy of the week award goes to. Prince Harry.

Or More specifically to the British Armed forces, But I can’t give it to an organisation so it must go to our ginger prince. Not content with living a life of luxury. Prince Harry is someone who partys hard. It must also be said his choice in girlfriends is quite shocking but that may be mitigated by the fact that he is ginger. But, and this is a major credit to our young prince, he did elect to become a soldier, and not a paper soldier like he could have been. He demanded his right to face the same risks as his men. Not to be wrapped in a paper bag but actually to face the same dangers. On top of that he then does his duty so well that in manning a gpmg he saves the lives of men under his command and also racks up 50 insurgents. And his cap badge was pure class ” We do bad things to bad people”

Prince Harry, Drudge may have outed you and put your life in danger but the crafty butcher salutes you as Guy of the week

One comment

  1. Drudge rawks! BTW, what does “ginger” mean???? Beef

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