Political Correctness – can it really be applied to Ginger people?

February 29, 2008


Midgets. Dwarves. Shortarses. Umpa-Lumpas. These types of terms are not politically correct. Munchkins – there, another one. Vertically challenged people recently won a ruling to have themselves referred to as ‘little people’ and its wrong to call the Welsh ‘taffs’.

Political correctness can protect more unfortunate members of society, such as hillbillys and Belgians from ridicule. But is there a point at which PC becomes total crap?

Hordes of ginger people marched on Whitehall today to campaign for equal rights that would see these suffering individuals given defensive PC terms that would ban the use of words & phrases like ‘ginger tw*t’, ‘ginger minger’, ‘carrot top’ and ‘wanker’ from being used to describe ginger people.

Famous ginger celebrities such as Chris Evans, Ron Howard of Happy Days fame and that fit bird from Six feet Under outlined their plight.
March organiser and actor/director Ron Howard, who played Ritchie Cunningham in Happy Days, said “We demand an end to these jokes that are tantamount to racism. Ginger hair is a blessing.”

However, one former ginger person, who asked not to be named; told of her plight before her life-changing experiment with blonde hair. Geri Helliwell, former Spice Girl and ginger person (oops, we named her!) told us of the constant torment at school. “All the kids with proper hair colours used to point and laugh,” she whimpered, “Since I became blonde though its all been much better.”

This Spoof reporter would ask you that, next time you see a ginger person please hold back your urge to ask them, “Is the downstairs carpet the same as the upstairs rug?” The colour of their pubic hair is obviously the same….

One comment

  1. OMG we LOVE gingers, i do not understand how gingers can be stated as vertically challenged just because of their hair colour.

    I mean for example look at ron weasley and his twin brothers in h.p they’re tall, fit and GINGER!

    Ginger chest hairs are a real turn on in men especially if there are a few freckles aswell- that looks so cute.

    Most of the gingers i know are great! Even if they have lots of freckles and milky mole skin, i mean their fiery personalities more than make up for it!



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